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Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate has been making high-quality chocolate from scratch – the hard way – from cocoa bean to chocolate bar since 2006. Driven by a passion to create a positive impact through chocolate, Theo Chocolate believes that organic ingredients are better for people and the planet, and that fair-trade practices are essential to ensure farmers receive a living wage for their work. All of the chocolate Theo makes and sells meets the highest organic and fair-trade standards. The values that existed since the inception of Theo Chocolate still remain today and invites everyone to discover a better world through chocolate.

You can learn more on their website.

Creamy peanut butter cups surrounded by a layer of rich dark chocolate.
Creamy milk chocolate bar with organic hazelnuts and puffed quinoa.
A pure, extra dark chocolate bar made from organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients.
A sweet-and-salty blend of smooth dark chocolate, toasted almonds, and Pink Himalayan salt.
Rich, organic dark chocolate bar with a pinch of salt.

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