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Tru Flavors Roasted Red Pepper Hummus & Crackers - 2.5 oz.


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Snack better on-the-go with this irresistibly smooth and smoky hummus.

You know what rhymes with hummus? Yummus. And we don’t think it’s just a coincidence. What we love most about Tru Flavors Red Pepper Hummus is its superb flavor. Truitt Family Foods, located in Salem, Oregon, refer to themselves as bean people. They use only the finest quality beans from the Pacific Northwest in their products. In this case, garbanzo beans, which are then blended with smoky roasted red peppers and tahini (sesame seeds). Packed with protein, it makes for a great mid-day snack. Since they’re all about keeping things easy for you, it's served with crackers on the side. Plus, there’s no need to refrigerate until you open. (But we’re pretty sure you’ll eat it all in one sitting.)  

Local Brands: Truitt Family Foods