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SKIM Magazine: August 2021

Smith Brothers Farms SKIM Magazine

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! We share an easy summer cookout menu, highlight a few of our employee’s favorite products, introduce a new local partner, Uli’s Famous Sausage, and invite you to play BINGO for a chance to win a free t-shirt.

Cottage Cheese Dessert Buns Recipe

Cottage Cheese Dessert Buns

Add a twist to the traditional bread roll with these cottage cheese dessert buns!

Bruschetta with Goat Cheese

Smith Brothers Bruschetta and Goat Cheese

With its bright, fresh flavors and textures, bruschetta is made with some of the season’s best ingredients, and is a perfect crowd-pleasing appetizer. This recipe features a beautiful mix of summer-ripe cherry tomatoes, aromatic basil, and garlic, all piled high on Essential Baking's Demi Baguette and finished with a crumble of creamy goat cheese.