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SKIM Magazine: February 2023

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The first issue of SKIM of 2023 is here. Get your digital copy today!

Special Delivery: Valentine's Day Treats & Sweets

Valentine's Day sweets and treats

From melt-in-your-mouth truffles to decadent desserts, our catalog is filled with plenty of delicious, locally-made Valentine's Day treats that are sure to delight that somebody sweet in your life. 

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Bright, Sunny Citrus

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Bright Citrus

Like many celebrations, food plays a key role during Lunar New Year – especially citrus. Mandarins, oranges, and other citrus fruits are displayed and exchanged because they’re believed to be a symbol of good fortune. If you’re looking to add a little luck, check out our selection of splendidly sunny citrus available right now.

Partner Spotlight: Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

A hand holding a cup of Ellenos Greek Yogurt at Pike Place Market in Seattle

Dig in to see why Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt has become a local favorite (and even an obsession!) since its debut at Pike Place Market in 2013.

Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Mic Wandler

Milkman Mic Wandler

Say hi to milkman Mic!

Raspberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Raspberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie

Power your morning with a raspberry smoothie featuring our beloved cottage cheese.

Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Taylor Delaune

Milkman Taylor Delaune

Say hi to milkman Taylor!