Dipped Ghost & Mummy Rice Crispy Treats

Dipped Ghost and Mummy Rice Crispy Treats

Ghost & Mummy Rice Crispy Treats

What you need

For treats:

For dipping/decorating:

  • 10 oz. white chocolate melting wafers
  • Black gel food coloring or mini chocolate chips for eyes/mouths


In a large microwave-safe bowl, melt butter in microwave. Add marshmallows and stir to coat.  Microwave in one-minute increments, stirring in between until marshmallows are melted and combined with butter.

Pour in crispy rice and gently stir until rice is coated. Using a buttered spatula, press into a rectangle on to a piece of wax paper and let cool. Using a double boiler (or a heat-safe bowl on top of a saucepan), melt the white chocolate, stirring frequently, until smooth.

Cut rice crispies with a sharp knife into desired shapes and dip, face down, into chocolate. Set on wax paper to allow chocolate to set. Once pieces have been dipped, place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Keep chocolate over heat, and when the cooling period is over, drizzle over half of the treats horizontally to create mummies. Using the gel food coloring or chocolate chips, add eyes and mouths to the ghosts and mummies. Serve and enjoy!


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