Introducing Birthday Cake Milk

Smith Brothers Birthday Cake Milk

A birthday without cake is incomplete. And as you all know, this isn’t just any old birthday – it’s our one hundredth. We wanted a unique treat to celebrate the occasion.

Starting with our farm-fresh milk, we used natural flavors to create this drinkable slice of birthday cake. It’s golden-yellow (turmeric is used for color!) and splendidly sweet with creamy notes of vanilla – just like the cake-batter goodness you’d lick off the spoon! And for the finishing touch, we wrapped it in bright, colorful packaging.

Try the limited-edition flavored milk with your next delivery!

We wouldn’t be here without you! Join the celebration by snapping a selfie with our birthday cake milk carton and tag #SBF100 on social media.

7/28/2020 10:24 AM
Please, please, please make this an annual thing. So good.