Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Andy Anderson

Milkman Andy Anderson

Name: Andy Anderson

Hometown: Enumclaw

Milkman since: 2012

Favorite Product: Chocolate Milk

When I'm not on my route, I enjoy: camping, seeing live music, following the Seahawks, and doing yard work.

Three things I can't live without: pizza, music, my family & pets.

Three words to describe yourself: funny, honest, and humble.

What are you most proud of? Being a father.

Fun fact: I've been to more than 300 concerts and counting.

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7/28/2019 11:43 AM
Sounds like a nice guy, though I NEVER met him. . .on a professional level, of course.
3/24/2020 4:28 PM
Thanks for bringing milk to my kiddos every week without fail!
6/25/2020 4:03 PM
That’s an impressive amount of live concerts, Andy!  Thank you for the late night/early morning (depending how you look at it) deliveries to our family, much appreciated!  And you can count on us for continued support of chocolate milk as well :)
6/25/2020 4:24 PM
Andy --- Thank You for the wonderful job you do delivering Smith Brothers products.  We are so spoiled with the consistency and quality of the goods and of your work.  You are reliable and friendly and we are some of your biggest fans!  Thanks again.
K & R Barth (14108)
6/25/2020 4:56 PM
thanks Andy for delivering our wonderful Smith Bros goodys. Our dog alarm always announces your delivery every Friday. We love it! Keep up the good work and please stay safe!
Michele and David
MacKenzie, the dog alarm
6/25/2020 5:08 PM
Dear Milkman Andy,

You are the best milkman in the world.
Thank you for putting sugar in our milk if you do is very yummy - Eddie 7yr

Thank you for bringing milk to our home during covid so we don't need to go to the store  
Sophie - 9 yrs

Now we have a bird outside our front door with four tiny eggs. She moves around when she sees people. Don't be scared. (Both Sophie and  Eddie)
6/25/2020 5:13 PM
Thank you for your service Andy. Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. Wish you all the very best. Cheers
6/25/2020 6:39 PM
Thank you Andy for making every delivery happen for us . I hope you are keeping  safe with your family . Thanks again for your reliable service.
6/25/2020 7:21 PM
Thank you Andy for continuing to be there through all the craziness now!  It and you are appreciated!
6/25/2020 7:37 PM
Happy milkman day! Thank you so much for all of your hard work!
6/25/2020 8:13 PM
Thank you for continuing to work during COVID!  Thank you for dealing with the toys and such my kids leave on top of or in our milk box. Also for always delivering nice and early and never waking anyone up. You are much appreciated!!!
6/25/2020 10:00 PM
Andy - Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work.  I know that these past few months we've (and I'm sure many, many others) added a lot to your load - we appreciate the extra hours that you've been putting in.
6/26/2020 5:57 AM
Hi Andy, and happy National Milkman Day! We appreciate your service especially during this crazy time. We wipe down everything on our porch each week to keep you as safe as possible, I'm sure others are doing the same.  Thanks for helping us learn the ropes of home delivery this year - COVID was the "excuse" for me to fulfill a lifelong dream to have milkman delivery! It's been wonderful to never run out of the Smith Bros half and half we've bought at the door for a decade. Thank you again for your kind delivery and taking good care of us.  -The Andrés. PS You are also a magician... The only delivery that doesn't send our dog into a tizzy. :)
6/26/2020 8:41 AM
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard work.  I know we've come to depend upon you even more over these last few months than we did before, and truly appreciate all of your late nights / early mornings! We hope you stay safe and healthy!
6/26/2020 8:53 AM
Thank you very much for delivering milk every Wednesday....
6/26/2020 11:33 AM
Happy Milkman Day, Andy! Thanks for tolerating our Great Dane alarm that goes off every time you deliver, and for ignoring the beer that we store in our Smith Brothers box (it's the best cooler in the summer!) Feel free to help yourself to one the next time you come by :)

We appreciate you and the late nights/early mornings you put in!

The Madisons (and Moseley, the Great Dane alarm)
6/26/2020 10:42 PM
Thank you so much for delivering our milk & extras that we look forward to each week! It’s so helpful and saves us so many grocery store runs! Thanks for all your hard work and always on-time deliveries! Wishing you a safe & healthy year!
1/27/2024 10:06 PM
Hello Andy, thank you for delivering our milk weekly! Have a great new year ahead. The Laurent-Hallet Family