Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Avery Farthing

Milkman Avery Farthing

Hometown: Dekalb, Illinois

What year did you join the team? 2016

What do you enjoy most about your job?  Talking to customers and meeting new furry friends

What’s your favorite product? Bacon or the donut bites

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off? Working around the house or going on a hike

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Pacific Northwest?  Anything, I grew up in a flat farming community, Washington state has so much to offer outdoors

What’s your proudest accomplishment? My Daughter

What would you sing at karaoke night? The B-52's Love Shack

What was your first job? Friendly Farms petting zoo and pony rides

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10/7/2018 4:22 PM
Hello Avery! Wanted you to know that we moved our box to the back door to see how that'll work.  Thank you!
12/4/2018 10:16 AM
Avery you are the best! I am so sorry my dog barks at you LITERALLY every Wednesday. She is all bark though and says that she enjoys your visits! Thank you for being awesome!
6/20/2019 1:49 PM
Hi Avery. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate and enjoy having you as our milkman. You've been so very flexible with all of the construction that's been going on at our house over the last several months, delivering to the back door instead of the front,  climbing the front bank when we didn't have stairs. It's always great to see you.
Thanks for all you do.
12/23/2019 1:32 PM
Hello Avery! there are two entrances to our townhome. We moved ours to the other side - you can enter from the street on the right side of the townhomes. Thanks!
6/25/2020 5:51 PM
Thank you. Milk is not milk unless its Smith Brothers. My husbands quote. Great job and on time delivery.
6/25/2020 6:12 PM
Avery, you are awesome! Our 19 month old son loves the milk you bring and we are so grateful for your deliveries, especially in these uncertain times. Thank you!
6/25/2020 6:12 PM
Thank you so very much for being such a wonderful person and an extremely great Milk Man.   Your friendly personality and professionalism is an asset to Smith Brothers Farms.   Thank you, again for what you provide us each and every week.

6/25/2020 6:26 PM
Hi Avery! My kids look forward to their yogurt delivery every week! Thank you so much for bringing us such amazing goodies every week. xoxox
6/25/2020 6:49 PM
Thank you so much. I know I'm not one of your big accounts but I appreciate you. Happy Milkman's Day.
6/25/2020 8:25 PM
My son looks forward to the “cow” truck! We signed up for milk just so he can see the truck! He always tells Avery that he loves him and he loves strawberry milk!! Thanks for making our week so special! We appreciate the job you do!
6/25/2020 10:02 PM
Thank you Avery for delivering Ojo's most favorite food . The first thing she asks for is milk. Thank you for always delivering on time, because when we are out of it on Thursday morning I know you will deliver it before she wakes up. Good luck !
6/26/2020 7:31 AM
Thank you Avery, I really appreciate your deliveries and your attention to detail.
6/26/2020 8:39 AM
Hi Avery! Thanks for everything the past few months, and putting our big orders in bags to product them. You're the best!
6/26/2020 7:50 PM
Hi Avery,
We want to thank you for the excellent service you are providing us.
Perhaps one of these days we will actually see you arrive and say hi
from a social distance.  In the meantime stay well and safe.
Norm and Vickie Minarsich
6/27/2020 8:22 AM
3/4/2023 1:55 PM
Thanks for delivering amidst the choppy schedule Avery.  Some weeks we go through products faster than others so it changes each time... we appreciate you getting things to us!