Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Jason Grinolds

Milkman Jason Grinolds

Jason has been working for Smith Brothers Farms since 2003. He grew up on Smith Brothers Farms milk and now, so does his family. In his spare time, he enjoys getting out and about, exploring new places, and spending time with family.

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4/2/2019 8:41 PM
Thanks for being my milkman for all these years! Hope you’re enjoying your new route!
4/3/2019 7:03 PM
I have had Jason as my milkman for many years, he is a very sweet  and caring man.  My only thing I am sorry about is that my day is changed.  I do not  know what the new time is, but I will survive. I really love Smith Brothers Dairy and I tell a lot of people about you.  Thanks for your service!
6/18/2019 10:19 AM
Miss you Jason!
Rick and Vicki Mayfield
6/22/2019 9:17 PM
Hi, Jason. Happy National Milkman Day 2019!  Thank you for making our delivery every week; we have no idea how you get in and out of the yard without waking the dogs. It's a great skill  and we wish our other delivery drivers could figure it out.

Best wishes to you and your great looking family. Take care. Rhonda and Craig Lewis
3/27/2020 2:17 PM
Thank you Jason.  We always look forward to seeing our porch box - especially during this unusual time.  Stay healthy and safe!
6/16/2020 7:37 AM
very nice person always in good mood like him a lot
6/25/2020 4:38 PM
thank you Jason, we really appreciate your work, stay healthy and safe :)
6/25/2020 4:47 PM
Thanks Jason for always delivering our milk and stuff with care! Out of curiosity, did you play a lot of Tetris as a kid because you miraculously fit our order in the milk box every week!

- Sharon & Chuck Marcouiller
6/25/2020 4:52 PM
Thank you Jason!  We truly appreciate your enthusiasm and enjoy your service.  Stay safe and stay happy.  Our best
6/25/2020 5:01 PM
We appreciate you, Jason, our milkman for many years! Thanks for all the "little things" you do for us every week. Covid-19 has been a little less challenge because you're in our neighborhood. Best wishes to you and yours.
6/25/2020 5:34 PM
Thank you, Jason, for being an excellent milkman! We really appreciate you <3
6/25/2020 8:00 PM
Now that we are all working from home these days, we can finally see our beloved milkman.  We love to see you run so spryly across the yard to deliver our products.  You get kudos for your positive energy, efficiency and commitment.  Thank you, the Carters.
6/25/2020 10:00 PM
Thank you so much! We changed our milk box configuration so many time but we always get milk! Thank you for your patience and accommodation :)
6/26/2020 12:49 AM
Thanks so much for your service with a smile. You are the best. Stay safe and healthy.
Janet Spindler
6/26/2020 5:59 AM
During this crazy, uncertain time, one comfort is knowing that come Monday, you'll be at our door and you'll have a smile on your face. Thank you for being the world's best milkman!  
The Thomas Family
6/26/2020 8:47 AM
Hi, Jason. Happy National Milkman Day 2020!  Many many thanks for making our delivery every week; we love to see the fresh Smith brothers milk in our porch milk box.  Stay healthy!
6/26/2020 11:20 AM
Thanks for being such an awesome milkman!
6/26/2020 11:30 AM
Hi! Jason, Miss you!!1 on our route . ( Saweth is taking great care of us now.)........     Hope all is well , with you and your family. It was a real pleasure having you deliver and visit us before you changed route's. Thanks!1 to you, from the Simson's, Rob & Judy
6/28/2020 12:28 AM
Jason, we are so grateful for your service! Especially how you kindly avoid the plant life we invariably put on your way to our milk box! ☺️ It is such a relief to know that, despite draining the last drop of milk from the carton the night before, we will have fresh milk in the morning! Thank you so much!  From the Zimmerpeople ☺️
12/30/2021 10:56 AM
Thank you for dropping off the order today!  It's snowing and we still get our fresh dairy eggs and fruits from Smith Brothers.  Many thanks!
8/17/2022 3:10 PM
Thanks Jason for your great service to our family!
9/11/2022 11:32 AM
Jason is super nice and a swell guy that always delivers with a smile. Thanks for taking great care of us and everyone on Budd Ct.
11/20/2023 12:01 PM
Jason- you are the absolute best! We look forward to getting our deliveries and are always so impressed by the way you pack the items with care. Thank you for being our Milkman!