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Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Kennedy Terrones

Milkman Kennedy Terrones

Kennedy and his wife, Adriana, live in the Renton area. He was born and raised in California but enjoys the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest. Kennedy’s interests include basketball, boxing, and horseback riding. He says the best part of being a milkman is being the first one up in the morning to put a smile on customer’s faces while making deliveries and saying hello.

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10/19/2018 11:52 AM
Looking forward to meeting you and excited to be a customer yet again!  My porch is very visible from the street please ensure I get a milk box that is secure and very weather resistant while still keeping the product cold until I am able to retrieve it.  Thank you again and can't wait for my first delivery!!!
11/1/2018 12:56 PM
Kennedy Terrones is a rockstar!  Thank you!
6/24/2019 9:23 AM
hello Kennedy! You may have noticed last week that we have a driveway construction project underway. It's expected to go on for another week or so and getting more difficult to navigate. Because of this project I will be skipping this week's delivery and perhaps next.

Just wanted to drop a note to say we do appreciate you and have a great National Milkman Day! Look forward to a brand new drive and regular milk deliveries soon.

Kristen Pringle
6103 Hawthorne Ter NE Browns Point