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Meet Your Neighborhood Milkman: Ron Peterson

Milkman Ron Peterson

Ron previously delivered Smith Brothers Farms milk to local school and coffee shops.

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11/11/2019 1:05 PM
Hey Ron, we're at 212 30th Ave E and you haven't been able to reach our box the last couple times due to a gate. What you want to do is go around the other side of the house (right side when viewed from the street). That gate will be open and the box right there at the back door. Thank you!

11/11/2019 1:05 PM
Oops, wrong Ron. Please disregard.
11/12/2019 4:27 PM
Thanks for letting us know, Patrick! We have left a note in your account for Ron.

- Smith Brothers Farms
12/20/2019 8:52 AM
Hi Ron,
Just found out you’re not servicing our neighborhood anymore.
Hope all is well and wanted to thank you for your excellent service over the many years delivering at our house!
Happy Holidays!
Dominique and Steve