November Cheese of the Month: Jasper Hill Farm Harbison Cheese

Smith Brothers November Cheese of the Month

Each month, we introduce you to a delicious, unique cheese that you may not have discovered otherwise. We partnered with a local specialty cheese supplier to help curate farmers-market-quality cheese from independent producers from around the world. Whether you’re a cheese novice or connoisseur, this is a fun way to try a variety of cheese. No subscription needed! Simply add it to your delivery order like you would any other product.


Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill, located in northeast Vermont, is a working dairy farm with an on-site creamery. The pasture-based dairy has a herd of about 45 Ayrshire cows that graze on lush grasses during the growing season and in the winter, the forage is replaced with dry hay. Their milk has a high solids content and small globules, making it excellent for cheesemaking. The farm also includes an innovative 22,000 square foot underground cheese-aging facility, which maximizes the potential of cheeses made by the creamery. The leftover whey from the cheesemaking process is then fed to heritage breed pigs, roaming the woodlands beyond the cows' pasture. Jasper Hill’s mission is to be a Standard Bearer of Quality and Innovation in the Artisan Cheese Industry and an active participant in the conservation of Vermont’s Working Landscape through the production of high-quality products that reflect a regional Taste of Place.

You can learn more about the Vermont farm on their website.

Harbison Cheese

A spruce bark wrapped, soft-ripened cheese with a rustic bloomy rind.

Harbison Cheese Pairing Notes

Jasper Hill Farm’s Harbison is a spruce bark wrapped, soft-ripened cheese with a rustic bloomy rind. The spoonable texture begins to develop in their vaults, though the paste continues to soften on the way to the market. Harbison is woodsy and sweet, balanced with lemon, mustard, and vegetal flavors.

When a bit younger, the bark can be peeled away for sliced portioning. If the bark has fused with a more loosened paste, then the best approach is to leave the bark intact and spoon out portions from the top. Pair with oaked white wine, or barrel-aged sour beer. Fruit mostarda and crusty bread make nice accompaniments.

Each wheel is approximately nine ounces and perfectly sized for 4 to 6 people. Add it to your next delivery today!