Introducing Our New Website!

We're so excited...and we just can't hide it! Check out this short tutorial to learn about our new website.

Major improvements and new features include:

Mobile Friendly (Finally!)

Use your mobile device to manage your orders on the go.

Intuitive Order Management Controls

Manage your Next Delivery and Standing Order. No more confusing future order dates to manage. Use plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to quickly and easily change order quantities. No need to click "confirm" after updating your orders. All orders changes are confirmed automatically. 

Fast, Simple Catalog Navigation

We've made it easier to browse products by category, brand and product attribute (e.g. organic). Products scheduled for your next delivery are flagged with the number on your order, so you can quickly see what's coming in your next delivery while browsing the catalog.

Helpful Product Details

Quickly identify product attributes (e.g. gluten-free, kosher, etc.) on the product details page. Read product reviews from other customers, and submit product reviews for your family's favorites. 

We think the new website is terrific, and hope you love it too. Of course, it's natural for folks to feel disoriented (even angry!) when seeing something new for the first time. Take your time to walk through the new site and test out the order management controls and account features.