Partner Spotlight: Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

A hand holding Ellenos Yogurt at Pike Place Market.

What happens when a flight attendant walks into a yogurt bar in Australia? No, this isn’t the start of a joke, but the story of how Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt began.

Father and son, Con and Alex Apostolopoulos, were making their family’s handcrafted Greek yogurt when a fellow yogurt enthusiast and flight attendant, Yvonne Klein, discovered it during layovers. She quickly became obsessed. In fact, any time her flights landed in Australia, she would return to the States with coolers filled with yogurt to share with family and friends.

Con and Alex Apostolopoulos with Bob and Yvonne Klein

It didn’t take long for Yvonne to convince her husband, Bob, that they needed to find a way to bring the yogurt to the U.S., believing that everyone deserved the chance to enjoy this delicious yogurt.

Years prior, the Kleins purchased a produce stand in Pike Place Market, but never lost hope that one day they’d also be selling the yogurt Yvonne had grown to love.

After a handful of trips back and forth to Australia and a few years of convincing, the Kleins teamed up with Con and Alex. And in 2013, Ellenos's fresh scooped yogurt bar was born at that produce stand in Pike Place Market.

The Yogurt that Makes Ice Cream Jealous

Based on a traditional Greek family recipe, Ellenos yogurt is made with pure milk, cultures, and natural sweetness. Then, it's paired with scratch-made fruit purees and toppings using the best whole-food ingredients. From Oregon marionberries to purple passion fruit from Ecuador, each ingredient and varietal is thoughtfully and carefully selected to ensure it's the perfect match.

A collage of Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Dig in to see why Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt has become a local favorite (and even an obsession!) since its debut at Pike Place Market in 2013.

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