Summer Barbeque with Gina Shields

Meet our Gina, Customer Relations Team Lead who has done everything for us!  Sales, customer service, even milk (wo)man.  She’s also a mom of 8 kids and a competitive barbeque chef.

What’s your favorite part about working with Smith Brothers Farms?
My co-workers. Everyone is part of the family, even if you’re not. I love that everyone loves the milkman.

Do you have a specific memory or story you could share? 
Probably lots of inappropriate ones, LOL! But one of my favorites is my favorite dog from my route, she was in Maple Valley, and she was a big, fat, potato shaped black lab. She would get so excited to see me that her front legs would dance. I always gave her extra treats, probably why she was a little chunky. But every Tuesday, she made my day!

How many kids do you have? 
8 kids, 6 Girls, 2 Boys, and 5 almost 6 grandsons

Did you raise your kids on SBF products?  What was important to you in feeding your kids?
I have raised a family of milk snobs. I don’t think any of them drink milk that doesn’t come from Smith Brothers.

What’s the best advice you have or been given about parenting?
I have amazing kids! They are all very different, and all of them strong willed. I hope that I have raised them to be happy and respectful of others, hard workers, whatever you do, do your best.

How long have you been competitive in BBQ
We started doing competitive BBQ in 2008. 

How did you get started? 
My husband, Kevin, and his friend got to talking one day and thought it would be fun. We entered our first contest as a team with the above mentioned friend and his neighbor. We did a couple competitions together as a team. The other half of the team kind of lost interest, so Kevin & continued on our own.

Have you won/placed/been honor in any of them?  
We have not won a grand champion, but we have had several reserve grand champions. Which is either second place, or the first loser, however you want to look at it!, But we do have a pretty nice collection of trophies & ribbons.

What’s your specialty?
I love beef ribs. They are big & meaty and look like you are eating on a Flintstones cartoon.

What would surprise people to learn about the Competitive BBQ community?
It is really not as cut throat as you see sometimes on TV. Everyone is super friendly, very helpful to beginners (until you start winning). Some of our best friends we have met through BBQ, all over the country. It’s really just a big camping trip with all your friends, lots of food & drink. And if you are lucky, there are prizes at the end!