The Great Northwest

With relatives already in Washington, Ben Smith and his family often received letters describing the natural wonders of the Evergreen State. They read about the sweeping views and majestic mountains, the temperate climate and fertile fields. Pioneers went westward in search of land and opportunity, and eventually, the Smith family did too. In 1907, Ben, his mother, and four siblings boarded a train in St. Paul, Minnesota bound for their new home in Seattle.

Thanks to its diverse climate, rich soil, and steady rain, western Washington has always been an agricultural utopia; the region is especially ideal for dairy herds. More than ten years after arriving in Seattle, Ben established his farm in the foothills of Kent Valley, surrounded by lush green pastures.

One hundred years later, it’s easy to see why the Smith family put their roots down here. There’s a lot to love. Besides the spectacular views all around us, there’s a real passion in our state for supporting local. Without our friends and neighbors, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Washington is a little slice of paradise, and we’re proud to call it home.