Turkey Pesto Bagel Sandwich

Bored of having the same sandwich every day? Step up your sandwich game with Seattle Bagel Bakery’s seasonal flavor, sourdough. Just as you would expect, these sourdough bagels boast a tangy flavor and chewy texture in every bite. But perhaps the real star of the recipe is the pesto cream cheese spread, which gives it a zesty kick.  

Turkey Pesto Sandwich on Sourdough Bagel

You can customize this sandwich and pair it with many of your favorite fixins’. Make it vegetarian-friendly by swapping out the meat for avocado and egg. Or, satisfy those carnivorous cravings by adding crispy bacon.

Turkey Pesto Sandwich

What you need


Slice bagel in half and toast if desired. In a small bowl, combine pesto and cream cheese, then spread on both sides of bagel. Layer on turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato on one half of bagel, and then top with the other half. Serve and enjoy!


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