Cool Down with Homemade Bingsu: A Refreshing Korean Delight to Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month

Strawberry Topped Korean Bingsu Frozen Dessert
As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, it's the perfect time to explore the rich culinary traditions that have shaped communities across the United States, including right here in Washington state. The beloved Korean treat bingsu, sometimes written as bingsoo (in Korean it's 빙수) combines shaved ice with a variety of sweet toppings to create a delightful and satisfying dessert experience. Join us as we explore the world of bingsu and learn how to make this refreshing delight at home.

What is Bingsu?: Bingsu, also known as patbingsu, is a popular Korean dessert that features finely shaved frozen milk as its base. Traditionally served with sweet toppings such as red bean paste, fruit, condensed milk, and mini mochi, bingsu offers a refreshing and customizable treat that's perfect for warm weather. While the classic red bean version of bingsu remains a favorite, modern variations have emerged, incorporating ingredients like chocolate, matcha, and even cornflake cereal! Basic bingsu provides a perfect base to get creative with toppings, so feel free to experiment and make your own innovative combinations.

Recipe: Bingsu


  • 4 cups of milk
  • ½ cup of sweetened condensed milk, plus extra for topping
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh fruit (such as strawberries, mangoes, or kiwi) or sweetened red bean paste
  • Optional toppings:
    • Chopped almonds or walnuts 
    • Flavoring powder such as matcha, ube, or roasted soybean powder
    • Whipped cream 
    • Ice Cream


  1. Prepare the shaved milk ice. 
    1. Mix milk and condensed milk together and pout into ice cube trays.
    2. Freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight until completely frozen
    3. Remove from ice cube trays and use a shaved ice machine or pulse in blender until milk ice is the texture of snow.
    4. Scoop into serving bowls.
  2. If using red bean paste, spoon the red bean paste over the shaved ice, distributing it evenly.
  3. Add the chopped fresh fruit on top.
  4. Drizzle the sweetened condensed milk over whole thing.
  5. Sprinkle chopped nuts, powders, or other optional toppings on top.
  6. Optionally, top with a dollop of whipped cream or ice cream for extra creaminess.
  7. Serve immediately and enjoy your homemade bingsu!

As we honor the vibrant AAPI community in Washington state, let's take a moment to appreciate the diverse culinary traditions that enrich our lives. Making bingsu at home not only allows us to enjoy a delicious treat but also serves as a celebration of cultural heritage and community spirit. So, why not cool down this summer with a refreshing bowl of homemade bingsu? It's a delightful way to pay tribute to the flavors of Korea and the vibrant tapestry of cultures that make Washington state such a special place.

5/21/2024 11:55 PM
I have had Bingsu locally while out with Asian friends - it truly is a wonderful treat!