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Grow Your Own Food from Scraps: A Beginner's Guide

Grow Food from Scraps Infographic

Regrowing food from scraps is not only economical but also incredibly satisfying. Not to mention, it's a great way to reduce waste and enjoy fresh produce right from your own garden.

Craft a Birdhouse from a Smith Brothers Farms Milk Carton


Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a total newbie, you can create a charming avian abode right in your backyard using your empty Smith Brothers Farms milk cartons. Get ready to welcome feathered friends with open wings as we guide you through each step of this fun and rewarding project. .

Grounds for Growth: How to Reuse Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Coffee Grounds in a Hand

Next time you make your morning cup of joe, don't toss those grounds—put them to work in your garden instead!

Egg Carton and Eggshell Planters

Eggshell Planters with Seedlings

How to reuse empty egg cartons or eggshells as biodegradable seedling planters.