Make Your Own Milk & Cookies Bar

In February we attended the Seattle Wine and Food Experience weekend for their new event Comfort. We had a blast showcasing our farm-fresh milk with an eye-catching Milk & Cookie dessert table along with Bakery Nouveau. This is such an easy and creative idea that can add a special touch to your next party! 

Simply bake (or buy) your favorite cookies.

Use a glass cup, plastic/paper cups or even ½ pint milk cartons to hold your cookies up. Make sure the size of the cookie is proportionate to the size of the base you use.

When using cartons, open the top of the carton, put the straw in and then close the top around the straw.

Slide the cookies down the straw until they sit at the top of your carton. This can be done by either pushing the straw through the cookie (if soft enough), or by making a small hole in the middle of the cookie.

Align your milk and cookies in rows and just like that, you’ve created a delicious display that would be perfect for a kid’s party!

Take it up a notch and create a grown-up “Cold Brew & Cookies Bar” by using Tony's Organic Cold Brew Coffee cartons.