March Cheese of the Month: Nettle Meadow Kunik Triple Crème

Kunik Triple Creme Cheese

Each month, we introduce you to a delicious, unique cheese that you may not have discovered otherwise. We partnered with a local specialty cheese supplier to help curate farmers-market-quality cheese from independent producers from around the world. Whether you’re a cheese novice or connoisseur, this is a fun way to try a variety of cheese. No subscription needed! Simply add it to your delivery order like you would any other product.


Nettle Meadow

Nestled below Crane Mountain in the Adirondacks sits Nettle Meadow, a farm and animal sanctuary that also happens to be an artisan cheese company. It’s home to more than 300 goats and several dozen sheep who contribute daily to making their award-winning cheeses. Nettle Meadow is also home to The Kemp Animal Sanctuary, with the proceeds from their cheese sales going toward providing shelter, food, and medical attention to retired and rescued farm animals.

Kunik Triple Crème

$7.99 - 3.5 oz.

Nettle Meadow Kunik Triple Creme

Traditionally, triple crème cheese is made with cow’s milk. This is not the case with Nettle Meadow’s Kunik Triple Crème. Their unique recipe uses a delicious combination of 75% goat’s milk and 25% Jersey cow’s cream (famously high in milk fat), making it richer and creamier than a typical brie. The soft cheese has an edible bloomy white rind and a tangy, buttery flavor and a thick, lush texture. Kunik pairs well with earthy stouts or meaty cabernet francs. It’s also lovely with figs, pears, chutney, or honey.

We're selling the 3.5-ounce cheese, while supplies last.

Nettle Meadow Kunik Triple Creme
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The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Since Kunik is so, so good on its own, this month we wanted to talk about the perfect charcuterie board. Scalable for large or small gatherings, or perfect for a Friday night movie at home, the charcuterie board when done right can be a meal on its own or a starter for your next dinner party.

Elements of a Charcuterie Board

Generally, a charcuterie board includes cheese, cured meats, crackers or bread, fruit or vegetables, and varying accompaniments arranged on a board for easy pairing and munching. The best boards have a large variety of texture, flavors, and layers.

Tips for Creating a Board

Have a good variety.

Depending on the number of people, it’s good to have three to seven cheeses and three to seven types of meat. Make sure your cheeses are a range of hard to soft and mild to bold flavored. Creating a board with lots of contrasting flavors and textures will make it more interesting.

Add jams or preserves.

Sometimes the perfect accompaniment is a little sweetness! Sharper cheeses are brought out by a small dollop of fig jam or strawberry preserves. Pepper jellies are great too for some added spice.

Stack it.

Provide a few types of crackers with subtle flavors. Water crackers or wheat crackers flavored with herbs or pepper are great additions (and are the perfect vehicle to get all the paired goodness to your mouth!). You can also try grilled slices of baguette!

Fresh or dried fruit and veggies.

Like the jams and preserves, fresh and dried fruit add some sweetness, but also texture and interest to your board. You can also do sweeter vegetables like strips of bell pepper or carrot sticks. Make sure that whatever you add is easy to grab and eat, such as small fruits like blueberries, grapes, or dried apricots. Crunchy vegetables like radishes are excellent too.

All the spreads.

Hummus, tapenades, grainy mustards, and other spreads can add layers of flavor while helping your meat and cheese stick to your cracker. Just make sure you put a small spoon in each!

Get creative.

If it's easy to eat, don't hesitate to try it on your board.  Nuts, mini pickles, other pickled vegetables, olives, chocolate, honey...the options are endless!

Assembling your board.

Grab small bowls for your dips and spreads, and then arrange everything else in small piles around the bowls. Place different textured items next to each other to create visual interest. Roll meats into tubes, or fold in half and fan out. Break cheese into crumbles or slice (unless it's a soft cheese, then provide a cheese knife or spoon) for easy grabbing.

We hope this inspires you to create your own charcuterie board!

4/5/2020 8:24 AM
The Kunik Triple Crème is over-the-top delicious. I hope you carry it again and that you keep the cheese-of-the-month club going indefinitely.