Meet the Marketing Team

Have you ever wondered who decides what new products become available? Or who designs the pages of Skim? What about who writes our social media posts? While there’s a possibility you may have never thought about this, there’s a group of four individuals who are responsible for doing exactly that: Aaron Fields, Rachel Haynes, Jamie Oakes, and most recently, Peter Olson. 

And they are the marketing team.

“There’s a great group of people behind the scenes that come to work every day with drive and passion to push the company forward while keeping the nostalgic tradition of the milkman alive,” said Aaron Fields.

When Aaron first started three and a half years ago, the marketing team consisted of just two. He was the Marketing Associate who did everything from assisting the sales team at events to keeping the website updated with new content. But his true passion has always been visual design. 

The team eventually grew by two, and with a recent promotion to Visual Designer, Aaron now devotes all his time to designing. He’s the one responsible for creating the pages of Skim, designing the National Milkman Day t-shirts, and making user-experience improvements for the website - just to name a few. 

Jamie Oakes, our Content Specialist, came on board about nine months ago. She writes the weekly emails and blogs, she responds to you on Facebook; if you see written content from Smith Brothers Farms, there’s a good chance she wrote it.

As a recent transplant from Tampa Bay, Florida, Jamie never had the pleasure of growing up with Smith Brothers Farms’ home delivery service. She thought milkmen were a relic of a bygone era.

“One thing I love about the Pacific Northwest is how everyone, myself included, is big on supporting local, family-owned businesses. And working in marketing, it was important to me to work for a company I could get behind – especially if I was going to be the voice of the brand.” 
Conversely, our Senior Marketing Manager, Peter Olson, grew up locally. To him, we are one of the great household names in the Puget Sound area. The opportunity to be part of the Smith Brothers Farms’ history and legacy was one of the reasons he was most excited to join the team. 

“Relationship and community are fundamental Smith Brothers Farms values. The experience of having your own neighborhood milkman is a special connection not only with the company that made your milk but also with your neighbors. Whenever you see another porch box, you have an instant common bond.”

While we started with just a cow, a truck, and a few customers selling dairy in 1920, we now partner with local brands to bring flavors of the Pacific Northwest to your door. In fact, we have someone who determines what products to bring on.

And that’s Rachel Haynes, our Product Specialist. She originally started with us in the IT department, but recently made the transition to marketing. When the opportunity became available to do all the things she loves outside of work: cook, eat, photography, and learn about food, she took it.

So how does she decide what to bring on? Several things are taken into consideration. 

“It could be customer requests, trend data, popular recipes and trending foods. I try to bring on items that are fresh, easy, or something that I think our customers will be able to incorporate into their everyday lives.” 

As a mom herself, she knows a customer’s time is precious. But she also wants customers to be able to put something on the table they can feel good about. 

“Ultimately that’s where I try to go with products, with a few treats thrown in here and there.”