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Patty Pan Cooperative

Patty Pan started serving tamales at Seattle-area farmers markets back in 1997. The local foods movement grew and their business grew along with it. Over time, they developed strong symbiotic relationships with the farmers at the markets, shaping their menu around the farmers' surpluses and growing seasons.

At the beginning of 2013, Patty Pan became a worker-owned cooperative: a democratic, collaborative workplace where they share responsibility, successes, and challenges. In 2014, they bought a building in Shoreline and built a commercial kitchen with an adjacent dining space for monthly community dinners. Along the way, they've diversified their business model, supplying products to like-minded grocery stores and catering to large and small events. For Patty Pan, business isn’t just business: it’s also a way to sustain themselves while doing good work and challenging themselves daily to shop, cook, and eat with integrity.

Learn more on Patty Pan Cooperative's website.

Two heat-and-serve burritos filled with mildly-spiced chicken, black beans, and brown rice.
Ready to heat and serve, enjoy three mildly spicy, cheesy tamales.

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