Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls

Cheddar, bacon, and ranch are all the reasons you need to try this tasty snack idea. It makes a great game-day appetizer or with some help from a Dutch oven, a shareable campfire treat.

What you need

1 loaf Essential Baking Company Italian Bake-at-Home Bread
2 cups Tillamook Shredded Medium Cheddar Cheese
1 pack Applegate Naturals Sunday Bacon
1 stick Smith Brothers Farms Salted Butter
1 tbsp Ranch Dressing Mix



1. Fry bacon, let cool and break into small pieces
2. Melt butter and mix melted butter and ranch dressing mix
3. Cut bread diagonally about every inch, 3/4 of the way down. Flip bread around and cut again going the opposite way
4. Pour butter and ranch mixture into the cuts of the bread
5. Stuff bacon and cheese into the bread
6. Wrap in tin foil, cook at 425 for 15 minutes until bread is golden brown

Dutch Oven Camping Recipe: Cook bread first according to package instructions, let cool and then cut. Follow recipe directions and bake in a Dutch oven over hot coals until the cheese is melted.

9/13/2017 10:22 AM
I am allergic to pork, can I use turkey bacon?
9/27/2017 3:17 PM
You most certainly can substitute turkey bacon for pork bacon and it should still come out just as delicious.