Spring Training with Wendy Graves


Meet Wendy, our resident iron-woman triathlete/restaurateur/vegetarian and the original owner of the gourmet pizza restaurant, Smoking Monkey Pizza. We decided to pick her brain about training, what she likes to eat and why.

Why do you like about Smith Brothers Farms products?
That so many of the products are made in the Pacific Northwest.
 Erin Baker’s Granola and Greek yogurt are my “go-to” for breakfast. I love the CB’s Nuts Creamunchy. I LOVE Tony’s Cold Brew after a long workout. It gives me the energy to keep going for the rest of the day. And chocolate milk is a proven recovery drink, so the combo is perfect. I also love the “real food” aspect. Eat Local has great frozen meals made with ingredients I can pronounce. This matters to me. Also, living in Kent, we have a shortage of great grocery stores. Smith Brothers brings to my doorstep items I’d have to go to Seattle to purchase otherwise. My porch box is full every week. And it’s just my husband and me.

What do you focus on with your nutrition?  What’s most important to you?
It’s important to meet my nutritional needs with real food. I don’t take supplements. I’d rather spend money on high-quality food than on gym memberships, fad diets or doctor’s visits. If we paid more attention to what we put in our bodies, we’d spend less money on trying to fix our bodies as a result.

How long did you own Smoking Monkey Pizza?  What did you like most about it?
My husband and I created and owned Smoking Monkey Pizza in Renton for two years. The pizza was AMAZING! We focused on the highest quality ingredients and made both traditional Italian pizzas (such as Margherita) and some more esoteric ones (such as the Beverly with coppa, arugula and a soft-cooked egg on top). I loved the community we built around the restaurant as much as I loved the food. Sharing great food with great people is the best!

Do you have any helpful tips for someone who wants to improve their diet/nutrition? 
Eat real food as much as possible.

I know it takes time to cook at home . . . but it’s all a matter of priorities. I believe in everything in moderation. And, if I’m going to eat something that isn’t exactly “healthy”, I’m going to try to make it worthwhile. I’ll pick the homemade cookie over a store-bought cookie any day. I’d rather add real fats and sugars to my body than corn syrup or hydrogenated vegetable oil. Plus, homemade food feeds the soul.