Brighten Up Your Week With The Organic Citrus Box

While it may be gray and chilly here in the Northwest, The Organic Citrus Box will brighten up your week! In collaboration with Organically Grown Company, enjoy a delicious and fun assortment of citrus and get that boost of vitamin C.

Every couple of weeks, Organically Grown Company will put together a new box featuring four to five different varieties as they are harvested at their peak from the groves of California. Pick a favorite and discover something new - from the tiny, sweet-tart kumquat to hefty, aromatic pummelo and every type in between!

What's Inside This Week's Box

Starting with deliveries on Tuesday, February 1st. (Selection may vary depending on freshness and availability)

Mango Valencia Orange

Mango Valencia Orange Infographic

Mango Valencia delivers a delicate sweet flavor with a vanilla finish that tastes like a mango. Originating in northern Africa near the Mediterranean, this is a great citrus option for avoiding acidic foods. Cut one in half to see the gorgeous soft, pink ring around the outside of the flesh.

Tango Mandarin

Tango Mandarin Infographic

Sweet-tart and medium-sized, this variety is delicious for fresh eating. Perfect for lunch boxes and snacking on the go, it also adds color and flavor to salads and cheeseboards. Just one tasty organic Tango mandarin is never enough!

Murcott Mandarin

Murcott Mandarin Tangerine Infographic

Also known as the honey tangerine, Murcotts are medium-sized, round, and slightly flattened at both ends. They have golden orange skin with subtle pebbling. The rind is thin and fragrant and clings to the flesh, making them moderately easy to peel. The pulp is bright orange and juicy with a rich, sweet flavor. Murcotts can be seedless or may have up to a dozen small seeds. But don’t be afraid of a few seeds. Seeded mandarins are often known for having more flavor!

Cara Cara Navel

Cara Cara Navel Profile

Likely a cross between a Washington and a Brazilian Bahia Navel, the Cara Cara navel was discovered in Valencia, Venezuela. The balanced flavor of this seedless variety, described as a mix of tangerine and grapefruit with mild berry notes, will win your heart and taste buds. Its salmon-pink flesh is ideal for juicing and fresh eating. Cara Cara is a delicious way to get in that daily dose of vitamin C! 

Moro Blood Orange

Moro Blood Orange Profile

Moro blood oranges are known as the “connoisseur’s citrus.” This orange is originally from Sicily and is common throughout Italy. The appearance of organic blood oranges in January, beginning with the Moro variety in your box, indicates the heart of citrus season has arrived! With raspberry, pomegranate, and plum notes, this variety begs to be shaken into a cocktail, baked into a decadent cake, or segmented into a colorful winter salad.