Building the Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Infographic

We're on a quest to determine what makes the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, so we asked the team at Smith Brothers Farms to weigh in. We have quite a few passionate grilled cheese enthusiasts on staff who shared some strong opinions regarding the best way to prepare this timeless classic. Here's what we learned:


2/3 prefer to use butter over mayo to toast it up!


30% prefer traditional plain white bread while 27% chose whole wheat or seeded breads and 24% opted for artisanal bakery bread. (Sourdough also had some devotees!)


3/4 agree that cheddar is the superior cheese choice and that sliced cheese is better to use than shredded cheese.


Bacon & sliced tomatoes won out for the most preferred additions, but 4 in 10 keep it simple with no additions at all. 


65% argue that it must be cut diagonally, and quite a few were adamant grilled cheese should be served with tomato soup.


We may not ever all agree on which is the best version, but we can agree there's nothing quite like an ooey gooey perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwich fresh off the griddle. It's easy to make, nostalgic comfort food that never gets old.