Sneak Peek: June 2020

Smith Brothers Home Delivery

With the warmer months ahead, we’re bringing back some of our must-haves for dining al fresco. Look for these products and more starting May 24!

Cucina Fresca Pesto Sauce

$7.99 – 8 oz.

Cucina Fresca Pesto Sauce

Made from heaps of fresh hand-picked basil, fresh garlic, first cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts, and imported Parmesan and Romano cheeses, pesto is a nice change from the usual red sauce. And don’t limit yourself to using this vibrant green sauce to just pasta either. Marinate chicken or vegetables, add to soups and salads, or mix it into dips. The options are endless!


Charlie’s Produce Blueberries

$4.99 – 6 oz.

Charlies Produce Blueberries

Blueberries might be tiny in size, but they pack a potent punch. The deep-color berry not only offers plenty of nutrients, but they’re just plain good. We partner with Charlie’s Produce, the largest independently-owned produce company on the west coast, to help source the fresh blueberries. Picked at their peak, they’re ready to be added to salads, baked in pies, or placed atop a bowl of ice cream.


Fresh Express Coleslaw

$3.49 – 11 oz.

Fresh Express Coleslaw Kit

Fresh Express Cole Slaw Kit includes everything one could need for coleslaw: a crunchy blend of green and red cabbage, shredded carrots, along with their signature sweet and creamy dressing. If you want to take it up a notch, add cranberries and crumbled cooked bacon to the slaw kit and you have a sweet and savory side dish for your summer cookout. Fresh Express salad is thoroughly washed, rinsed, and gently dried, then sealed in a Keep-Crisp bag allowing your salad to stay fresh longer.


Seattle Bagel Bakery Asiago Cheese Bagels

$6.29 – 4 pk.

Seattle Bagel Bakery Asiago Cheese

On the cheese-flavor scale, Asiago is mild-tasting with hints of nutmeg and sweet cream, and it pairs especially well with Seattle Bagel Bakery’s crisp-on-the-outside, soft-in-the-inside bagels. 


Seattle Chocolate Many Thanks Truffle Bar

$4.49 – 2.5 oz.

Seattle Chocolate Many Thanks Truffle Bar

Sweet meets salty in this truffle bar from Seattle Chocolate. Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa, every bar is crafted with creamy milk chocolate and loaded with toffee bits, sea salt, and of course, gratitude. Playful graphics, bright colors, and delicious chocolate: a cheerful way to say thank you.