Fettuccine with Blistered Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

Before we get to the recipe, let’s talk pasta water for a moment.

If you frequent our blog, you may have noticed we often use pasta water in our Italian-inspired recipes. (We’re talking about the cloudy liquid that’s left behind after cooking pasta.) You see, as pasta cooks, it releases starch into the water. This starchy, salty (assuming you add salt!) water acts as an emulsifying agent and helps the sauce cling to the pasta. Using pasta water results in a thicker, more cohesive sauce; it’s what separates good pasta sauce from pretty-darn-amazing pasta sauce.

Fettuccine with Chevoo goat cheese and roasted tomatoes

In this recipe, we use only a handful of ingredients: fresh fettuccine, herbed goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, garlic, lemon zest, salt, and pepper. It’s so simple, yet so delicious.

Fettuccine with Blistered Tomatoes and Goat Cheese



  1. Preheat oven to 425F.
  2. On a rimmed cookie sheet, toss tomatoes with a drizzle of the oil from the goat cheese, and place in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes or until browned.
  3. Bring two quarts of water to a boil and salt well. Add the pasta, cooking until al dente. Reserve a cup of the pasta water and set drained pasta aside.*
  4. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, use about two teaspoons of the olive oil and heat over medium heat until shimmering.
  5. Add garlic and sauté until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
  6. Add lemon zest and sauté until fragrant, about another 30 seconds.
  7. Add in pasta and toss. Lower heat to medium-low and add two goat cheese curds and a few tablespoons of the pasta water. Toss frequently until combined. If the sauce looks dry, add pasta water in small increments until a shiny sauce forms.
  8. Add tomatoes and pepper to taste and toss once more. Serve immediately.

*Pro Tip: Skip the colander and transport your pasta directly to the skillet with a pair of tongs. (Fewer dishes, that's a win!)

4/15/2020 9:52 AM
This is a great recipe, me and my husband loved it!