Why you Should Refuel with Chocolate Milk

Glass of chocolate milk

You’ve just finished a high-intensity exercise or sport, but before grabbing that sports drink, reach for a glass of low-fat chocolate milk instead.

Wait, what?

If you thought chocolate milk was a drink just for kids, we have news for you. Studies show that flavored milk has an ideal ratio of carbohydrates and protein. However, unlike certain carbohydrate replacement drinks, chocolate milk has double the content, which builds muscle and accelerates recovery.

It’s not only affordable and delicious, but it’s also packed with calcium.

So, is chocolate milk the right choice for you?

It should be mentioned that drinking chocolate milk as a recovery beverage isn’t ideal to have after every workout. It’s best to evaluate your exercise regime first. Are you playing a round of tennis or practicing yoga? Probably a good idea to skip the chocolate milk this time. But if you’re a long-distance runner or endurance-trained cyclist, drink up a half-pint of Smith Brothers Farms chocolate milk.