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Farm Feed

6 Lunchbox Ideas and Tricks

We have six lunchbox ideas and tricks to help you pack a fresh, healthy lunch and get out the door on time. 

Five Easy Weeknight Dinner Ideas

Five quick and easy dinner recipes using ingredients we can deliver right to your doorstep. 

Four Ways to Use Sour Cream (Other than Tacos)

Sour Cream

Four other ways to use our natural sour cream, besides placing it on top of tacos. 

How to Make No-Churn Ice Cream at Home

Homemade No Churn Ice Cream

You don't need any fancy gadgets to make homemade ice cream! With a couple of Smith Brothers Farms products, you can make the sweet treat right at home. 

Crowd-Pleasing Hawaiian Sliders

Hawaiian Sliders

Pull-apart sliders made with ham, cheese, and a buttery glaze, these are sure to please a crowd. 

A Perfectly Patriotic Dessert

Trifles are the perfect ending to a summer cookout.

Asparagus Three Ways

Stalks of asparagus

There is nothing better than grilled asparagus fresh off the grill. But we think we have managed to make the vibrant green vegetable even more tempting!

How to Make the Perfect Burger

Now that we have the best ground beef on the block, it's time for the perfect summer burger.

Keep Cool and Sip Horchata

Horchata Drink

Horchata is a refreshing drink to serve ice-cold during those especially warm days, alongside your favorite spicy south-of-the-border dish, or just because. 

The Easiest Cauliflower Rice Recipe Ever

Roasted Parmesan Riced Cauliflower

Is this possibly the easiest cauliflower rice recipe ever? We think so.