Six Lunchbox Ideas and Tricks

Smith Brothers Farms Lunchbox

School is back in session and that means you’re probably looking for some lunchbox inspiration. You’re in the right spot! We have some lunchbox ideas and tricks to help you pack a fresh, healthy lunch and get out the door on time. 

Build Your Own Mini Pizzas

Using a biscuit or cookie cutter, cut one Essential Baking Thin Pizza Crust into small circles. Fill two small containers with Tillamook Shredded Mozzarella and Cucina Fresca Marinara Sauce. Prep these the night before to make your morning a breeze.

DIY Pizza

Edible Ice Pack

Instead of using a regular ol’ ice pack, freeze Chobani Kids Yogurt Tubes or Evolution Fresh Cold-Pressed Juices the night before. By the time lunch rolls around, they’ll be ready to be enjoyed.

Use Cookie Cutters

Jazz up that peanut butter and jelly sandwich by using cookie cutters! There’s just something more enjoyable about eating sandwiches when they’re in the shape of a star. 

Lunch Kabobs

Break out of the stale sandwich routine and make kabobs. Go sweet with strawberries, blueberries, and Alki Bakery Mini Brownies. Or make a sandwich skewer with your favorite lunch meat, cheese, and bread. (Safety tip: You can also use either coffee stir sticks or pretzels instead of a sharp skewer.) 

Lunch Kits

Just like the lunch trays of yesteryear! (But so much better.) Cut Tillamook Slices or Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, along with Applegate Turkey or Ham into small squares. Add your favorite crackers, Cal-Organic Farms Rainbow Carrots, Erin Baker's Granola, and Sahale Snacks Classic Fruit Nut

Lunch Kits Smith Brothers Farms

Time-Saving Snacks

Get your kids to help by setting up a snack station. All you need to do is fill a couple of containers with these mom-and-dad-approved portable snacks and the kids can pick out what they want in their lunchbox.

Pantry Snack Station

Fridge Snack Station

Oh, and don't forget to add a half pint for your favorite half-pint!

What's your favorite lunchbox hack? Share with us below!