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Italian Night

If there’s one dish that should be on every family’s weekly menu, it’s pasta. By combining a handful of ingredients, you can make an Italian-inspired dinner at home.

Silky-smooth fettuccine handmade in Seattle.
Handmade pasta wraps filled with the best tasting cheeses available.
Fresh pasta filled with spinach and the best tasting cheeses available.
Fresh, gluten-free spaghetti made locally in Kent.
Fresh marinara sauce that’s rich in flavor and color.
This rich and creamy cheese sauce is a decadent pleasure.
$6.49 $5.89
Fully cooked grilled chicken strips that are perfect for meal prep.
This all-natural shredded Parmesan cheese elevates any Italian dish.
Fresh, artisan baked Italian bread from Seattle bakery.
Enjoy a classic Caesar salad in seconds.