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Tru Flavors Fiesta Chili Lime Dippers - 2.5 oz.


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A luscious, tangy dip paired with olive oil and sea salt crackers.

Snack better with these delicious dippers from Truitt Family Foods. An alternative to hummus, this Fiesta Chili Lime Snack Pack is a culinary combination of bean puree and Greek yogurt. With the heat from the chili, the zing from the lime, and the tang from the yogurt, it’s full of flavor. Paired with olive oil and sea salt crackers, these are perfect for a quick energy boost at work. (Plus, no need to refrigerate!) Made with clean and simple ingredients, Truitt Family Foods uses only the finest quality navy beans from the Pacific Northwest. Add the guiltless creamy dip and crackers to your order today!

Local Brands: Truitt Family Foods