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Cucina Fresca Puttanesca Sauce - 16 oz.


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Robust, hearty sauce packed with Mediterranean flavors.

We like the story of how Puttanesca sauce came to be. You know when after a long day of work, you need to make dinner, but don’t have anything in mind? So you throw whatever you have from the pantry into a pot and call it dinner? That’s how Puttanesca sauce was invented in Naples. The ingredients could be quickly thrown together and still be filling. Cucina Fresca starts with vine-ripened tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil, then for an extra punch, adds Kalamata olives, capers, and a touch of red pepper and anchovy. It’s then slow cooked to perfection before jarring. Don’t limit yourself to using this with just pasta either. Try it with zucchini noodles, meat, or even fish.

Local Brands: Cucina Fresca