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Meal Solutions

Get prepared meals, sides or all the ingredients for breakfast, lunch or dinner, delivered straight to your home. 

Hearty smoking brings a classic German tradition to your sandwich.
Northwest-style clam chowder with bacon is a rainy-day favorite.
On-the-go snack pack that perfectly combines sweet and salty.
Crunchy vegetables and tangy ranch dressing will satisfy your afternoon snack cravings.
Indulge your sweet tooth with these portable snack packs.
Step up your snack game with this crunchy trio of apples, cheese, and pretzels.
Mild guacamole with tortilla chips in a grab-and-go cup.
Easy to prepare macaroni and cheese wagon wheels with hidden pureed veggies.
White meat chicken patties and pureed vegetables in a whole grain breading.
Here's your proof that mac and cheese isn't just for kids.